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Lekeduo lock industry to join policy support

Brand support

Franchisee can fully enjoy the Lekeduo lock industry unified VI brand image and advertising benefits, to achieve the purpose of brand resources sharing!

Factory direct sales, price advantage

Lekeduo locks adhere to the pursuit of perfect excellent quality, adhere to self-development, product range full range, cost-effective

Three free policy: Free initial fee deposit, free training fee

Franchise to be able to obtain more than lock the product management rights, brand image system, the successful operation of the model and the preferential policies

One-stop support

Dry-type business services, regional managers to promote guidance, a strong marketing team and marketing concepts, improve after-sales service to ensure that products quickly capture the market

Regional protection support

In the agreement within the scope of business does not set up other franchisees or agents, while not allowing other franchisees or agents operating across regions, to ensure that the partner region monopoly

Return support

When the product quality problems, confirmed by the company verified by the cooperation agreement, can apply for return procedures